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Our Mission

Because, for so many of us, our identity and financial stability is reliant upon our employment status,it is often too difficult to stand alone and take needed action to ensure that we are being treated in a manner that is in compliance with the law. It is for this reason, that our firm was created. We provide legal advocacy to employees who find themselves trapped in workplace environments wrought with discriminatory, harassive and retaliatory conduct. We handle wrongful termination and whistle blowing cases as well as wage and hour issues.We also handle cases that involve both, private and public employees.

A corollary service offered by our firm provides education to employers and employee organizations. This service recognizes that without education, any hope of bringing an end to discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and the like will never flourish into a reality.

If you think one of your civil liberties may have been violated it is important that you Record all the details while they're fresh in your mind. Who said what to whom? Did anyone witness it? Detailed documentation can make or break your case.

If there's an administrative process for complaining, follow through. Take whatever steps are necessary to meet the policies and procedures outlined by your employer for filing a complaint. This is important because you must put your employer on notice of the conduct about which you are complaining and give your employer a reasonable opportunity to take corrective action to stop such conduct.

Even if you do not want to take formal action, it is usually helpful to talk with a lawyer who handles civil rights and civil liberties cases to obtain guidance on how to protect yourself from further wrongful conduct. A lawyer can also tell you if your case is one of the few it might be practical to take to court. While there's no guarantee you'll be satisfied by the litigation process, action on your part is the only thing that will make it less likely that the abuse will continue into the future.